Happier days through the power of connection.

Using the power of online human connections as a force for good, Wisdo provides a meaningful alternative to mainstream social networks by connecting people to others who can truly get them since they’ve been in their shoes and are ready to offer non judgemental support and encouragement. Based on more than 100M interactions fostered by Wisdo we’ve developed AI that increases healthy days by 26% within 90 days of joining. Step in, it's real.
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How it works

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Whether it’s loneliness, anxiety, stress, chronic disease, caregiving, or self-growth, we have a community waiting to support you.

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Define where you are and where you want to go. See how many people on Wisdo have similar life experiences and goals.

Form friendships and achieve your goals

Start a conversation with Wisdo members or one of our mentors who know what you are going through.

We Are Wisdo

Our amazing users sharing their stories. We couldn’t be prouder.
Join more than 2 million people who have improved their lives with Wisdo.
I came to Wisdo 3 years ago, when I was looking for a healthier alternative to social media. And gosh did I find a diamond! I started out observing different communities, and found myself relating to so many others. Wisdo is such a wonderful community; full of love, a place where anyone can be heard. I’m really grateful for the connections I’ve made here; Wisdo has been an important part of my healing.
ChloeJoined July 2018
Before Wisdo, I couldn’t talk about my heartaches with anyone because they didn’t understand. I felt like I had to deal with everything on my own. Being on Wisdo I’ve realized I do have people to talk to, people who understand how I feel and what I’ve gone through. I love listening to others and trying to help them. Wisdo has made me a much better and stronger person.
FiJoined February 2019
Over recent years, my life changed due to a number of devastating life experiences. Joining Wisdo was like a switch had been pressed in my brain. Connecting with people who have been through similar experiences as me really helped me deal with my own thought. Wisdo provides me a safe and friendly space where I can work through whatever is needed to help get me back on track.
WarrenJoined December 2018
I was going through a really difficult time in my life. I felt completely alone and nobody knew what I was going through. Wisdo changed all that. I connected with people who let me know I wasn’t by myself, and I got great advice from peers who have been in the same situation.
Pancake NinjaJoined August 2018
I was in a bad place when I joined Wisdo. I was in a lot of pain and I just wanted someone to listen. Wisdo gives you a safe place to be heard and not judged. I came here seeking help and I stayed because I found joy in helping others.
LukeJoined October 2018
I would give Wisdo a 100 Star review if I could. It's a great place to find community, wisdom and peer-to-peer support. Wisdo is a place where you can express your thoughts and feelings without being judged and is a safe space for everyone to be themselves. My favorite thing is to read other people's experiences on community posts and know I am not alone.
Ashley JacksonJoined January 2021
Wisdo has been a wonderful, warm, supportive community filled with people who are willing to empathize with my feelings and experiences. It has been so helpful having an online network of friends I can talk to when I'm feeling lonely, down, or in need of suggestions. Even though my everyday life typically involves solitude on a regular basis, it's therapeutic knowing I have a support system I can access with the click of a button.
Sara NesisJoined November 2020

Wisdo Data

After just two weeks on Wisdo, users consistently report feeling less lonely and more supported by our judgment-free community, cared for by people who can relate, and successful in progressing towards their personal goals.

Up to $1,550
reduction in medical cost due to reduced loneliness and improved mental health
increase in number of mentally and physical healthy days
meaningful connections formed on average by users on Wisdo
reduction in loneliness and social isolation rates

Q & A

How is Wisdo different from other social sites?
Unlike social media sites, Wisdo offers a safe and judgement-free community that people join to form meaningful and helpful connections. We don’t have a “Like” button, and we don’t rank people by how popular they are or how many vacation pictures they post. As we all learned, social media can often create an unhealthy cycle of judgment, competition, and uncontrolled bullying. Wisdo can’t be more different than that.
How is Wisdo different from other peer support communities?
Other peer support platforms “drop” users into communities with many thousands of people, leaving it up to you to find users you can really relate to. Wisdo, on the other hand, uses its AI engine to continuously introduce you to people that you share many similar life experiences and goals with and who have been ranked as highly helpful by other members. This approach ensures that you quickly form connections with users who can say the magic words “I know how you’re feeling. I’ve been there”.
Is Wisdo safe?
Absolutely. We enforce a strict code of conduct monitored and enforced by our community managers and backed up by our AI engine. We also comply with GDPR and HIPAA privacy and security protocols.
Can I also connect with mentors or medical professionals via Wisdo?
Yes. As a Wisdo member, you will also gain access to our certified mentors and be able to join group or 1:1 sessions. We are currently adding an on-demand telehealth component to allow our users to connect with medical professionals, including therapists.
How is Wisdo financed?
Wisdo is available to users as a subscription-based app. These funds allow us to continuously improve the product for our community and to keep Wisdo ad-free. We also partner with organizations that want to make Wisdo available as a tool to improve the mental and physical health of their members, employees, customers, constituents, or students.


Boaz Gaon
Boaz Gaon, Founder & CEO: My journey to Wisdo is deeply personal; it began with my father’s terminal illness, when I was an investigative reporter. In writing about his death, I found comfort and community with readers who understood and empathized because they, too, had lost loved ones. This is how Wisdo began, with a small team of friends, entrepreneurs, storytellers, mentors and our shared vision of a helpful, empowering social wellness community. We are Wisdo. Welcome!

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