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Experience the power of connection. Welcome to Wisdo, the evidence-based peer support and social health platform. We work with health plans, employers, and government agencies to tackle the impact of loneliness and social isolation on health outcomes, costs, and engagement in care.

Join over 500,000 individuals who engage in secure, confidential, and anonymous conversations to foster emotional support. Together, we can create a healthier, more connected future.
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How We Work
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Pick a Community

Wisdo offers over 50 social health communities covering mental health, physical health, identity, family, and more.

All users on Wisdo can be anonymous.

Your Profile
Your Profile

Map your health journey, including current habits, priorities, and unmet needs.

Social Support
Social Support

Connect with peers, trained helpers, and guides who’ve been in your shoes.

Conversations are moderated for safety by our community managers.

Skill Building Support Groups
Building Support

Build social skills, resilience, coping skills, and healthy habits in group sessions led by certified coaches.

and Referrals
Check-ins and Referrals

We check in regularly to monitor your progress, maximize your Wisdo experience, and if needed, conduct a warm hand-off to clinical or Social Determinants of Health services available through your plan, employer, or community.

Proven Results
We work with our clients to validate impact. We capture unique member-level data and insights and provide clients with access to detailed reports on utilization, outcomes, opportunities to close gaps in care, satisfaction and more.
Medical Cost Reduction
per user per year
Improved Health
increase in the number of healthy days experienced by our members
Reduced Loneliness
report reduced rates of loneliness and social isolation
reduction in depression scores; 24% in anxiety scores
User Satisfaction
would recommend Wisdo to others
User Retention
96% month 3 and 82% month 12
Being on Wisdo, I’ve realized I do have people to talk to, people who understand how I feel and what I’ve gone through. Wisdo has made me a much better and stronger person.
Wisdo is a wonderful community; full of love, a place where anyone can be heard. I’m really grateful for the connections I’ve made here; Wisdo has been an important part of my healing.
Wisdo provides me a safe and friendly space where I can work through whatever is needed to help get me back on track.
It's the best of social media without all the terrible things that go on on social media.
This support group is one of the best things that ever happened to me. I rely on it daily.
I see a big difference in my life since joining Wisdo.


Boaz Gaon
Boaz Gaon, Founder & CEO:My journey to Wisdo is deeply personal; it began with my father’s terminal illness, when I was an investigative reporter. In writing about his death, I found comfort and community with readers who understood and empathized because they, too, had lost loved ones. This is how Wisdo began, with a small team of friends, entrepreneurs, storytellers, mentors and our shared vision of a helpful, empowering social wellness community. We are Wisdo. Welcome!

Board & Advisors

Kyu Rhee, MD, MPP
Kyu Rhee, MD, MPPSenior Medical Advisor. Former Aetna Chief Medical Officer at CVS Health
Dr. Dena Bravata, MD, MS
Dr. Dena Bravata, MD, MSBoard Member. Co-Founder, Lyra Health; Chief Medical Officer & Head of Products, Castlight Health
Dr. Tom Insel
Dr. Tom InselAdvisor. Former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health 2002-2015
Professor Daniel W. Russel
Professor Daniel W. RusselAdvisor. Co-Developer of the UCLA-3 Loneliness Scale. Professor of Human Development and Family Studies, Iowa State University
Dr. Jackie Stiff, MD MSPH
Dr. Jackie Stiff, MD MSPHAdvisor. VP Health Care Strategy, National Accounts, United Healthcare; VP and Medical Director, Cigna Healthcare of Colorado
Patrick Getzen
Patrick GetzenFormer Senior Vice President and Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina
Adrienne Schneider
Adrienne SchneiderAdvisor. Former Director of Employee Benefits, American Airlines
Rene Lerer
Rene LererAdvisor. CEO, Longevity Healthplan; President, Florida Blue 2014-2019
Mark Gold
Mark GoldAdvisor. Former Senior Medicare Product Manager, Strategy and Innovation at Centene Corporation
Erik Martin
Erik MartinAdvisor. Lead Entrepreneur, Nike; VP engagement, General Manager at Reddit 2011-2014
Professor Moshe Ben Bassat
Professor Moshe Ben BassatAI Advisor and investor. Founder and CEO, Clicksoftware (acquired by Salesforce)
Avram Miller
Avram MillerAdvisor and Investor. Strategist, author and co-founder of Intel Capital
Adam Hanft
Adam HanftBrand Advisor and investor
Dr. Rick Klausner
Dr. Rick KlausnerAdvisor and investor. Co-Founder, Juno Therapeutics, Mindstrong, Grail Bio; Founder, Lyell Immunopharma; Director of the National Cancer Institute 1995-2001
Marius Nacht
Marius NachtInvestor. Co-Founder, Checkpoint, aMoon Fund
Bob Nelsen
Bob NelsenInvestor. Co-Founder, Arch Ventures