Coming Out

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Krissi Libman
9 days ago

I Wasn't Prepared for Their Response

My dad is a Bishop of the LDS church, and I had known for the longest time that I was Pansexual, because why just like someone for their gender, right? So anyway, I was done hiding, and I wanted my parents to know, and I was going to tell them that night at dinner.
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Yoel Rivelis
6 months ago

"Are you GAY?"

I thought i got it figured out. I had a hetero-sexual relationship, maybe it will go away- those feelings of attraction to men.
But then it hit me.
I knew him before- we went together to the same school, but he was one year older than me.
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The Mop Stick

Apparently being okay with your sexuality is not enough reason for others to be okay with you. I was in gradeschool and I played with girls and boys. I didn't care if I flick my hands when I throw balls or when I point my toes when I run.
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Lisa McKay
4 months ago

Why does this sound like a rehearsed speech? 

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to come out. Some people can speak from the heart and it flows out making perfect sense. For me, I always need to gather my thoughts, put them in order, and practice saying them without stuttering the whole time.
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