16 Mar
Life with Add and Addiction Issues. I’ve struggled with add since I was 6 but was not diagnosed until last year. I had a hard time in school. I could never pay attention and never knew why I was the way I was. Very shy and awkward. I started to self harm at the age of 12 and engaged in risky behaviours. I ended up dropping out in grade 11 due to drugs and alcohol. my anxiety was so bad when I did go to class. I usually would skip because I was so scared to be judged by others if I ever had to speak in class. I never felt good enough and always over thought everything and isolated from the world.. using subastances helped me to escape and cope with the world.. I didn’t know another way. I’ve been in and out of treatment centers for addiction and struggled a lot to find out who I am. I’ve endured sexual, mental and physical abuse along the way and did not caring about my body or what happened to me it got very bad and put myself in very scary situations . I got to a point where I didn’t care if I lived or died..I can now say i am way happier sober I still have lots to work through but I am now in a sober living apartment and doing my GED. I’m nervous about school because i never think that I’m good enough but I find that school is easier this time around. I was prescribed vyvanse which is helping me to stay focused but I’m still lack motivation and procrastinate a lot . I pray things will start to look up and I’ll have a brighter future. Looking for advice on build stronger relationships Dealing with anxiety depression and adhd
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21 Mar
Can think about things you can do which others cannot and focus and celebrate those. Overthinking could be called analysis and people don't do enough of it.
23 Mar
I really like that point you made J B. Just because we have ADHD or ADD doesn’t mean we aren’t go at anything. It’s just means we think differently and have a different process when we think, because of the way our minds are build. Our attention, motivation, and ability to stay interested in something sometimes doesn’t last long because of our inability to process the same amount of dopamine as neurotypical brains already do. We have to do things in order to get this rush of dopamine, such as be risky, focusing on things that interest us in that moment, and other things that will give us that rush. The part of our brain that controls regulating our emotions is also different. Our brains have an tendency to read being overwhelmed as a life or death situation. For example, if I don’t finish this paper right now I’m gonna FAIL, in this scenario we are motivated by fear of failure but at the same time that anxiety we feel overwhelms us and become unmotivated and accept that our “fate” even though this is avoidable given the right tools that work for you. Sorry I just nerded out and totally forgot where I was goin with that... LOL. But, you’re not alone in this. We all have our own experiences. I was sexually assaulted a couple years ago, and around this time either last year or the year before, and this week was the week of my trial. He got to walk free and I’m left to deal with feelings of anxiety and how I feel that I failed. When really I did what most can’t... but, I’ve been overwhelmed and going through the motions really. That being said, I haven’t experienced substance abuse so I can’t say I understand that part. Although, I do know that it is a vicious cycle and it needs to be better understood more than criticized. But, I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. In my experience, if I’m lacking motivation and focus, it’s usually a medication problem. I recently met with my psychiatrist and he said that adderall/ extended release (vyvanse) helps regulate emotions, impulses, anxiety, and motivation. So you might need to up your dose or get a side of booster pills, which is a pure adderall fast acting pill.
23 Mar
Hello lovely, your not alone! I could have written this. I became stronger over time, I still struggle with it, every so often it tries to haunt me. But, I just keep looking forward. I wasn't well & undiagnosed, i’d been through a lot of Trauma and I also know, it's not who I am today. If I had been medicated at school, I can truly say, my path would have be completely different. I was definitely hard on myself for a long time! And, everyone in the world has judged me and my mistakes. I was only diagnosed 2 years ago. I'm 36, my life has been a roller coaster. But I can honestly say, I am truly grateful for the person I am today.
Ice CreamHelper
8 Apr
Awesome on getting your Ged! I actually just got mine and I am 40. I couldn’t for nothing pass the math part. I already passed all 3 of the other subjects but just couldn’t pass the math! I gave up for almost 2 years and my dr prescribed me vyvanse also! I was able to focus and finally got my ged! I also used to wonder why I wasn’t able to focus in class. I dropped out in 9th grade.. i was finally diagnosed with ADHD and put on the right dose and medication
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