22 Jun
Morning guys. So in a moment of madness i started writing about my sister. She was a stillbirth and i was there for her birth. She would have been 7 now. And this is what I’ve wrote so far…. Eliza Charlotte Rebecca Cox- My story I guess since you are reading this then you are interested in knowing the heartbreaking truth of what we went through on 14th May 2014. I’ll start with who i am and why I’m writing this. My name is Charlotte Burton and i am the big sister of the beautiful baby who came into this world sleeping her name is Eliza. And why am I writing this? Well lets begin from the start. I still remember the day my mum told me she was pregnant. I remember the excitement and wishing for this time its a girl as I already had 3 brothers. But i also remember being a bit sad in a silly immature way because I’m the oldest and at that time i was only 20 years old still trying to figure life out. And the only thing i did know was that i wanted my mum, and having another baby I’d be pushed to the back of the line for her attention. I mean I wasn’t needy i was just urm.. craving a lot of reassurance i was at that age of not knowing where my life was going and the only stability i had was my family. So to say i was scared of being pushed out when mum told us she was pregnant then yes i was feeling a whole lot of insecurities. But that all changed when for the first time mum found out the gender and came home and told me I’m finally going to have a sister. I mean i love my brothers but to have a sister that’s a whole different level. It’s weird a lot of siblings row about who’s wore an item of clothing or who stole their make-up or even used all their perfume. But i was excited for that! I finally was getting that chance for that to happen to me and I couldn’t wait, I remember telling mum I can’t wait for her to steal my things or for her to ask me to dress her or do her hair i was just so excited to finally have a sister to share everything with. And from the day i knew i was getting a sister my whole attitude changed i was probably over excited. Mum got so big in fact she got huge she definitely walked with a bit of a waddle! I remember the times i would come home from a night out a bit drunk. That’s a huge lie i was very drunk, and i would try sneak my drunken snack (obviously back then i loved a bacon sandwich) i remember quietly shutting the kitchen door getting the bacon and butter out the fridge and very very quietly getting the frying pan out. Mum was just above the kitchen and she had and still does have ears like an elephant!! So what should have taken five minutes too make actually took a drunk and trying to be quiet me fifteen minutes to make. Oh and seeing that beautiful masterpiece i had just cooked without getting caught made it even more mouth watering. I had cleaned the kitchen and turned off the kitchen light and very quietly shut the kitchen door, i was now making my way slowly and quietly into the living room. I’d only got past the bottom of the stairs that was next to the living room door, when i heard a voice from the top of the stairs without even having eye contact say “Charlotte what’s that you’ve got?” At that moment I’d realised that my mum not only has hearing like an elephant, but also has a hooter better than a sniffer dog. I slowly turned and looked up at her looking down at me from the top of the stairs, i did try hide my food behind my back. Then she came out with “baby is hungry” how could i refuse. She won i give her my bacon sandwich and i ended up with a ham and mayonnaise sandwich.
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26 Jun
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