Ice CreamAuthor
27 Jul
I’m just not making it. I’m beginning to panic. Suddenly, my life is spinning out of control. I have nothing left in me- I am nothing. I’m so tired of this caged existence inside my disabled body and mind. I’m lonely, I’m afraid, I’m suffocating myself in fears. I was such a happy and positive person before I got sick, now…… my world is upside down .
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27 Jul
Hi Ben, sorry to hear it feels like everything's spiraling out of control, I imagine it's a bit overwhelming for you at the moment, but you're certainly not nothing. Please take it easy, you're doing the best you can and you're dealing with a lot, it's natural to get down when our life is uprooted by upsetting circumstances. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to reach out.
28 Jul
Ben you are under a TREMENDOUS amount of pressure, and I’m sure you must feel like it’s taken everything you have to get this far… Can you just try to take a beat and allow yourself to just be…? No pressure. Nowhere to go. Nothing to get. Just a time out to let you catch your breath….
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