27 Jul
Is blocking someone you used to talk to (and like) immature? I was considering doing it, as things did not work out, but I don’t want to seem very petty and immature by doing so. I’d just be doing it to avoid seeing their page and posts. I wouldn’t be doing it to be nasty or childish; it’s more so to just avoid any further upset by seeing their posts. Sorry if it seems like a stupid question, and I know the answer is subjective really, but I just wanted some type of reassurance because I don’t want to seem nasty or like I’m being funny.
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27 Jul
If you just stop responding to their messages, they will soon not be coming up on your feed. You don’t have to block them or even unfriend them. Just ignore - don’t even click on their posts. 😜
27 Jul
Hi Penguinlover! Hope all is well~ I'd say immaturity depends a lot on the mindset and intention behind your actions. If you block someone to get a reaction from them or to try and get the upper hand after whatever transpired, then I'd personally consider that quite immature. If you're blocking someone because you need space and find it difficult to not look at their pictures and posts or it brings you pain to know that you have the option of looking there, I'd say that would be a mature thing to do. If you feel a bit icky about doing it, you can always send them an explanation, although this isn't necessary and more a thing of courtesy if you were close to the person and you think it would upset them in some way to be blocked by you. I know I personally have done in the past just to make sure everyone stays on good terms but the majority of the time, blocking someone is hardly ever a big thing. And if you need reassurance, just remember that your boundaries and mental health are important, do what you have to do 💛
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