27 Jul
Waking up every morning with a note in my stomach for the whole day What can I do ? ...
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27 Jul
Try deep breathing for several minutes. That might help.
28 Jul
I have a knot in mine a lot too. I try different things. I gently talk to it and ask it what lesson do you have for me today? I let it know that I appreciate it for keeping me safe for so long but that it’s ok; I’m the one that keeps us safe from now on. I meditate with that area. I work on gently cleansing it and sometimes I’ll even pull at that area of my stomach like I can pull the spiritual ick out that way. For whatever reason it helps sometimes You could do a ritual with it, like making a ritual of locking it away in a box before you leave for the day… I’ll have to think…. Is there anything you’ve been doing that helps?
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