15 Jun
I don’t hate myself but love myself for being me but it saddens me like a lot of people some women judge me because of my weight and how society dictates how a perfect man should be some girls and women in general just listen to their peers and what they like they don’t get to know and appreciate a person from the inside out most not all women I meet are self centered and conceited and since I’m also short they pass me up I see so many women state that if you’re not 6 feet or above don’t talk to me then these women wonder why in the long run they are sad and single because you sit there and judge them complain there are no good men out here but if you keep judging men because of their physical appearance then you deserve not to be happy don’t get me wrong it also goes for men too stop judging women and accept them as they are stop and like the person you meet for their character and not for what they look like that’s why there are so many sad and lonely people out here
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15 Jun
I hear you The good news about what your saying is all.those would be potential partners women.or men works both ways that are sitting there in judgment with their list of physical descriptors that you have to meet before they even know your heart. Well the thing is they all did you a favour but letting you know in advance who not to waste your precious time on. You just keep being you..and keep working on the best you, you can be.
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