24 Jul
Diagnosis (uk). For those that have had a diagnosis, how have you gone about doing this?
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24 Jul
Hi Beth Besides childbirth at least for me probably one of the most difficult things I've had to do in life. It's not really a tick Box or where you can follow a textbook or anything as to how to exactly manage it since each case is individual in how you're going to cope and deal with it depending on your own differences and resiliencies to the illness. Some people have milder forms of it others get hospitalized during relapses. But speaking in general I would say making sure you have a good treater that is a psychiatrist or a general GP who specializes in mood disorders. That person specifically knows how to manage your medication, blood work if you need it and offer you a therapist as well. Educating yourself on the illness it's treatment its management relapses and dealing with other illnesses at the same time is going to be of benefit to you. Lastly I would say it's up to you who you share your private health information with. Some people need to share it for the support and some people choose to only share with a select a number of people that decision has yours. You can DM me if you want. I was diagnosed quite awhile ago.
26 Jul
Please don’t give up.
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