Maple LeafAuthor
20 Jul
How am I ever gonna be looked at as a calm or good perosn if I I’m constantly flipping out
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20 Jul
Trying to focus on how it happens. And how you can manage it. Deep breathing can help to feel less angry. Also mindfulness can help to. Learning how to shut things out. Or theirs anger management courses. So theirs ways that can help.
23 Jul
Sometimes we have such a deep sense of not being good that we put all our energy into being that and we never let our true selves show because we are scared what that might look like. For me it has to do with having a lot of shame. I have used a lot of what Steve has said, especially mindfulness to come more in touch with my true self which is capable of a lot more quality good out put than a person trying to prove to themselves and others they are good (which I have done and do still) instead of just being good. Lord, it is a journey though!
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