11 Jul
I need advice…. I’ve been feeling so hopeless lately… felling like none of this will ever get better… My boyfriend and I have a great relationship. But it seems like the only time we fight is over text. The only time I ever get really angry anf make him feel bad by how I speak to him is over text….. in person or over the phone (even in conflict resolution) is fine. I have no idea why I do this….. anyone else? I don’t know what to do…. I don’t know why I get so sensitive over text. It’s slowly ruining my relationship and I feel hopeless…. This disorder feels so hopeless sometimes…. Why am I like this? I hate the extreme, inappropriate emotions….. but in the moment they feel so real
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12 Jul
The positive thing is, you've identified the issue - that you get upset and fight with him over text. I don't know the solution but maybe you can keep making efforts to defer the matter and sort it in person ? I've been through something similar, where my ex did it. I tried my best to disengage from such fights.
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