16 Sep
Anyone have any suggestions on how to make some extra money while in school I’m already working one job and don’t know if I can handle a second but am struggling financially which has been making my mental health issues a lot harder to cope with any advice would be appreciated
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Full Moon
16 Sep
Maybe u can improve ur mental condition first maybe so something which u like ? 😃 and which can also earn u some money 😃😃😃 that way ull be having some fun and also earn some money and that will also fell easy to do
16 Sep
Hey AN, I can imagine it being quite hectic managing your studies and a job. There's things like transcription, graphic design and content writing that often has a lot of freelancing opportunities. I've also read articles that said you can make money by reviewing apps, reading drafts, filling surveys etc. Might be something that needs a bit of research though. I hope you're able to look them up and find something that suits you.
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