18 Jun 2021
I have been notified that I failed one of my units this semester and It was a threshold exam so regardless of how well I did in my assignments I had to pass the exam with 50%. Now I have to wait until next year to complete this semester again because I can’t continue my studies if I didn’t pass this unit. I feel like the biggest failure and so lost in life and now I have to stay another year in uni when I was supposed to finish this year and graduate.
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18 Jun 2021
Hey Sandy, That's some very difficult news to cope with. It sounds so strange that you have to wait so long to take the exam again. Is there absolutely no other way for you to get this over with sooner? I'm here for you if you want to chat, I've been in a situation similar to where you are right now and I know how absolutely overwhelming and upsetting it can be. Reach out if you'd like? 💛 One failure doesn't define you, even if it feels otherwise at the moment. With time, you'll be much more than this one set back.
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