29 Jul
I really wish I would stop believing in my ability to push through and just withdraw from classes before the deadline. I’m already disappointed in myself because of how far I’ve fallen from the straight-A student I used to be, and slowly drowning my GPA will have some serious consequences if I never figure out why I’m no longer capable of doing my best.
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30 Jul
Do you have a student counsellor you can talk to? Or your lecturers perhaps? They are there to help students who are struggling and help them find ways to get through it 💜
7 Aug
In my experience I noticed that at a certain point my ability to concentrate for long periods of time amd my ability to concentrate and focus was just dropping. I figured it was just that I had been studying so hard for so many years that I just couldnt handle it anymore. For ne the solution was to have one or two very close study partners for each class, that gave me structure when I didnt have motivation or focus.
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