8 Jul
Can anyone help me my dad just had a stroke 2 days ago and still hasn't be to the hospital because he's saying he doesn't have insurance he is 62 years old and half of his body is very weak and he cant use it. Im so lost and dont know what to do can anyone offer advice anything please
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10 Jul
I hope your dad gets better and he needs you now dont do anything he wouldn’t want you to do, i used drugs to help me with anything i had problems with and when i did that things turned out to be more of a mess , i know this aint advice but stay strong and keep your head up ⭐️
26 Jul
Is there anyone in your family you can call? He have any siblings or cousins? You can take him to the hospital. Have him fake slightly worse symptoms. They might treat him before they even find out if he has insurance. He’s gotta get help. This country is f-ckin horrible when it comes to medicine. It’s disgusting.
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