27 May
I don’t know how to get better. I go to AA meetings but they don’t help cause i keep drinking. I just want to be free from this addiction and all my other addictions. This is all so hard for me and i feel i am at a breaking point
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3 Jun
Don’t go to the meetings if you aren’t gonna take them seriously. I’m not scolding you, lol, though it kinda comes out like that. Just my point is, every time you go to a meeting you should be completely and totally giving up alcohol. If you half already know you’ll still probably drink after, don’t bother. You wanna have your brain associate sobriety with meetings. Don’t muddy the waters. Cause when you are ready to get clean later, well...you don’t wanna take any possible options away. Sounds like you aren’t quite ready to be sober. If you have many addictions, you should probably take them one at a time. Depending, of course. When you’re ready to be free...you can do this. I know cause I did it, and I’m a weak piece of crap. Or, I was..
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