4 Oct
I’m a binge drinker and I was doing pretty good staying sober but this past month I went out with coworkers every Friday night. Every Friday I binge drank more and more. I just feel like I’m relapsing again which makes me think I’m letting everyone down and letting myself down so I feel like a failure.
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18 Oct
Hi Sabrina My name is Jeff & I am an alcoholic. One of the things I had to do was distance myself from other drinkers so as not be tempted to drink. I know how hard it can be to set your friends aside while you are trying to get sober. If they are truly your friends they will understand. I had to do that with my friends & I learned who my real friends were. My drinking buddy's all went their own ways & my true friends supported me & did not temp me. The biggest problem with them was they tried to protect my from others who were drinking. You are not a failure tell you give into those who won't support you. Going out to the bars every friday night is not a good place to finding your sober place. Those people want you to drink with them. Go home or go to a meeting on Friday night instead. If you can't find a meeting call your sponsor. That's what there there for. Best of luck next Friday night.
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