Maple Leaf
14 Nov
I drank too much last night. Couldn’t stand. In my home town so I’m sure people I know saw. My boyfriend had to take care of me, and everyone was concerned. I kind of want to die. Alcohol has ruined so many things in my life. I’m going to stop today. I’m horrified and so embarrassed. Does anyone want to stop with me? Maybe we can help each other. Lots of love to all of you…we’re doing the best we can
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16 Nov
Hi Sarah, I drank too much last night as well. My name is Jeff & I'm an alcoholic. That was me 37 yrs ago. I drank too much every night and/or day. I was a fall down drunk. I drank my way into a coma twice. The second time my then wife couldn't wake me & got scared. She called the Sheriff & he called an ambulance to take me to the ER. The ER doc told my wife to prepare for my death. I was admitted into the hospital still in a coma. Five days later my doctor told her I would live but would probably have wet brain. For all you beginners out there.that is when you are sober the brain thinks your drunk & you have all the actions of a drunk. I was in that hospital 13 days. When I was released my doctor & my wife ambushed me with a court order that I be placed in a treatment facility for 90 days. I was released after only 60 days. My wife released me soon after. I was ordered to attend AA meetings every day for an additional 90 days which I did. That was in 1984 & I have not had a drink since. That was the hardest thing I ever did. For the last 37 yrs I have tried to help other drunks get through the hardest of times. I sponsored many drunks & I am pleased to say I got.about half into sobriety. The hardest were the teenagers. Their peer pressure was hard on them & lost almost all of them. One of them committed suicide. I almost died my self that night. All I can tell you now is go to AA find a sponsor and trust that it will get you through to the other side. I won't lie to you, you will work your ass off to stay sober but it " will" be worth it. My name is Jeff & I'm an alcoholic.
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