3 May
I NEVER talk about relationship problems, but wow.. this one hits hard. I lost my mom 6 months into the relationship, and then my dad 10 months into the relationship. We’ve been together for a little over 2 years now, and he’s giving up in claiming we may be “too different”.... I feel sick to my stomach. Never thought something like this was going to happen, especially at my age now. I just want something to numb it all.
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5 May
Im very sorry for your loss and also for whatever is the deal with this guy youre dating... 😥 and I know you have a history but if he's putting out these kinds of unsupportive vibes it could be good for you to get a little break for some time with friends and some "Bailey" time. You can do some stuff youve been waiting to do until stuff opened again cuz of covid.
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