15 Apr
I realize that a good support system is a requirement of change. When the people you love tear you down, you go straight to your comfort, which for me is alcohol. Today was not a good day for me. I hope everyone else’s day has been better
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17 Apr
the support system is hard if you are isolated but i go to aa meetings pretty often and that helps alot
19 Apr
I under a hand you and your problem. I don't know what day you'r in but I recognize the feeling. I was lucky I had a family that only understood but knew what I was going through on a day my basis. My family was pretty much where I was at one time. Some of my friends were not so understanding. I made a lot of new friends in AA and they knew exactly where I was. I didn't have to tell what I was going through.,they all ready knew. But I'm a little off subject so I'll just sign off. I hop I helped you some. When I get to talking I started t to recognize what I'm going through so I guess I helped two people today.
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