19 Jun
Ig no one is available
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23 Jun
I'm here if you need me
16 Jul
You can always leave me a message. I'm a busy guy but I'll help when I can
20 Oct
I'm available!!! Well most days. Cassie my name is Jeff & I'm an alcoholic. I would be glad to talk with you. But you might not like what I say. I am 37 years sober & I get kinda cranky at times but I will always tell you the truth even if the truth hurts sometimes. I've been told I get to bold sometimes but when you are trying to get sober bold is what is necessary. When I was in the beginning off my sobriety I drank myself into a coma for the second time. When my wife at the time couldn't wake me she got scared and called the sheriff for help. He called an ambulance & they took my to the ER still in a coma. The ER doc told my wife to prepare for my death. I was admitted into the hospital, still in a coma. After about five days my doctor told my wife that I would live but I would probably have wet brain. That is when you are totally sober but your brain still thinks your drunk. I finally came out of the coma after 10 days only to find my wife & my doctor to ambush me with a court order to a treatment center for 90 days. I was released after 60 days. That was in 1984 & I haven't had a drink since. It makes you stop and think a bit before you take that first drink. I hope what I have told you here helps you in your journey. There are many different story's that you will hear in AA meetings but they are all the same. It's just the teller that is different. Best of luck & god bless you.
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