10 Oct
Sometimes, I just need someone to tell me, it’s going to be okay? I just feel as though, if we acknowledge the problem it will be okay, instead of pretending there isn’t one. And, reaching a point of self destruct.
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12 Nov
Well Peace of Mind why can't you tell your self that everything will be ok. It will mean a lot more if you tell your self then if some stranger tells you. Not that any of us are strangers here. Pretending isn't the answer ether. We have to get gut busting honest with each other & our selves. If we can't do that we're just fooling our selves. I spent a lot of years fooling myself. It wasn't till I got brutally honest with myself did I start getting better. You have to remember you can't hide from your self ether. You are the first one to peek around the corner to see if your there. My name is Jeff & I'm an alcoholic.
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