6 Jul
I lost my husband of 20 years unexpectedly, exactly a year ago. It still feels like 5 minutes. Does it ever get better?
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7 Jul
Hola Ms. Kerri our condolences to your loss of a wonderful man you had the privilege of calling your husband. I can’t imagine the pain you have endured throughout this time especially holidays, birthdays, anniversary, and many other events that y’all built. It will eventually get better with time mija because if he had the opportunity to come back for even a minute he would tell you that all is well and that as much as it hurts to do but easy to say he would say live your life because you have so much to accomplish.
9 Jul
Hi Kerri, I'm sending you a lot of love through these difficult days. I wanted to share something that I feel explains my experience of grief quite well - and also shows that it does get better with time, however this time varies for all of us. Sometimes it can take weeks, sometimes it can take months but we're here to lend our support through it. psychcentral.com/blog/coping-with-grief-the-ball-the-box#1 shows that the extreme pain of grief, it becomes less frequent with time, but no matter how infrequent, when it hits your pain spot, it still hurts as much as the first day. I'm sorry you're having to go through this incrediblly painful experience. One day at a time, sending strength. 💛
14 Jul
Time is the biggest healer and you can find love again. But first of all find love within yourself. Take some time out to focus on you, talk to others about how you are feeling and know that it is ok to have bad days. Sending you love and healing 🙏🏼
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