3 Jul
So I’ve loaded this app, identified with this group. But now I’m stuck at my next move. Stupid I know but it’s honestly where I’m at. I guess it may be because I know my Dad was a private person.
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3 Jul
Hi Donna welcome to wisdo and the coping with loss group. I'm sorry for you losing your dad . I lost mine 3 years ago and that's part of the reason why I'm on here . If you ever want to chat I'm here.
6 Jul
If ever you require assistance, a great way to receive some is to go to the messages tab and click on the seek help button. That will pair you with somebody who has chosen to help. I use it myself and it has often helped change my mind and levels of stress on certain issues.
13 Aug
I think everyone has a private moment. So just observe and then let it go. You'll become more relaxed.
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