16 Jul
Hello all, just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all happiness and peace. I appreciate these are challenging times and that fear always results in anxiety. If you’re struggling for whatever reason, you’re not alone remember to reach out and ask for help and advice with whatever is troubling you.
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16 Jul
Hi Tom and welcome to our community 🙂 🔅 Wisdo is a peer-to-peer support and wisdom network, connecting people with similar life experiences 🔅 You can interact with people who have been there, by either posting in a Group or by sending private messages. If you wish to just watch the chats, that is fine also! 🔅 To read the latest and best pieces of wisdom on Wisdo, click on the Wisdo logo on the bottom left. ❌ Please don’t share information about location, or personal accounts (such as Facebook), remain respectful ⚠️ Please mark any post containing information that could be upsetting with these words: “TRIGGER WARNING” ❤️ ALSO, when replying to someone’s post, make sure you press the little reply button on the post! That way the person you are responding to will get a notification to let them know they’ve received some great support/advice. I am here for you always, Wisdo Guides
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