21 Jun 2021
Has anyone eye vision got worse with having type 2 diabetes? I had a eye test back in September but was meant to buy new glasses but only got them recently . When I found out about a month ago I have diabetes. So I told my opticians and requested a new eye test as my eye sight was worse . I was told they do a new eye test as well as get me new glasses. But when it came to the day of it I was told I couldn't have a eye test that day but in a weeks time. So today had a eye test and was told if my eyes wasn't any worse I have to pay for the test but if it was worse I would have them free . So my eyes are worse and been told I need new glasses. I only bought the new ones last week so I told them I'm not paying again for new glasses and asked if they can refund me the new ones to start again. I'm going to try the glasses for 2 weeks if it's not better then I'm going back there and requesting a refund and starting again.
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22 Jun 2021
Hi Joanne, thank you for sharing your experience!!! I can imagine how frustrating can be to have to go to the opticians again and again, but let's keep thinking positive!!! 🤗 I'm sure everything is going to be okay!
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