27 Jun
Hi guys , so I’ve been healthy eating and I’ve lost 11lbs which is amazing for me , however on a Saturday I like to give myself a break from calorie restricting on a Saturday , just for a mental break and I usually eat 1750 cals a day but on a Saturday I probably eat 2800 , is this really bad and will it affect my weight loss ? At the moment o don’t see it affecting my weight loss as I’ve lost 11lbs ….however I see so many people saying “cheat” days are really bad and that I need to stick to my diet for weight loss but it’s a lifestyle change not a diet …it’s really stressing me out …I don’t know what to do for what’s best ?
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30 Jun
Hey Lara, I'm glad to hear you're trying to eat healthily for you 😊 that's amazing. How are you feeling today?
2 Jul
Hey Lara. When I started my health journey I thought about this (really obsessed over it) a ton. What has worked for me is balance. If I eat healthy 80/90% of the time, then the cheat days are just that. Plus I found that I had better results when I just naturally let the cheat days happen.
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