Ice CreamAuthor
17 Jun
Even though it’s 4:30 a.m., I’m wide awake. I just turned 31. I’ve spent such a long time crying over my job at McDonald’s, questioning if I would ever get a full-time job in my field! Maybe it’s time to accept the rejection emails. Maybe I’m meant to do something that will help others live happy and healthy lives...which means not getting diabetes downing quarter pounders. A job that promotes wellness will give meaning and health to my life as well. I’m going to spend my birthday updating my resume, writing cover letters, and applying for the “right” jobs! Time for a little effort, hope, and healing!
2 Replies
17 Jun
Sending you lots of lovely vibes to help you along with this goal 💜
18 Jun
This made me smile to read. My mother always told me that a person wasn’t a REAL grown up until they either:forgot it was there birthday and worked it like any other workday, or spent there birthday alone wishing they had a job! Be proud of yourself!
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