Tropical Fish
14 May
Hello, I’ve just joined! I have a lot of trouble with motivation that I’m working to change. I’d love to hear from people, especially those who suffer from depression, about how to stay motivated. I’m chatty so feel free to reach out!
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14 May
Kind of just motivate myself with stoicism. Works best when you don’t give a *expletive* and actually live it out. Pretending to give a *expletive* does more harm than good, I’d say. Be honest with yourself. Don’t intentionally try to harm others. Motivation is an ego trip in my opinion. Eh, everything is an ego trip. Time for a donut
17 May
I set goals, long term and short term which keep me motivated. I love challenges so this is necessary for me to stay motivated. The feeling i get from accomplishing a goal is great, but it is short lived, so i always need more :) Also dont compare yourselves to others. Your goals are yours 👨🏻‍🍳
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