28 Jul
I’m going to knock myself for not seizing my chance at meeting this girl because the signs were there and because I was shy and a respectful guy I didn’t want to seem pushy.One day I got on a city bus and at the next stop this girl gets in and immediately locks eyes with me and starts smiling at me,at first I thought me?So I would look away and not directly at her just to see if it was just my imagination as the song says running away with me but as soon as I would look back there she was looking and smiling at me wide,we both got off at the last stop and my gut told me go and introduce yourself just say hi good morning etc but I didn’t months went by and we were doing the same thing just smiling at one another and never had anything other than exchanging smilies until one day there she was inside my buildings lobby so I told her good morning and that was the last time I saw her,what’s crazy is this was over 20 years ago and I had a dream and before I went to bed I asked who’s my destiny and who do I see when I close my eyes her I just was shocked since I haven’t thought about her in decades ain’t that something that’s so crazy to think there was this big chance and I missed it why?I ask myself why didn’t I introduce myself
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29 Jul
I have thought that some times. One girl I got on really well with but I didn’t ask her out because I didn’t want to break that friendship bond but looking back I think she wanted to. And yes is strand you only just thought about her being decades ago.
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