23 Jul
I grew up poor and I’m the type to not want anything materialistic I rather have nothing and be happy than have all these possessions and not have emotional happiness.My parents we migrants and both of them struggled but they provided for me,I was told to always be happy and work hard at whatever you desire in life and just be happy even if you fail at trying just get back up and try again.That’s what I’ve done all my life and I am complacent where I’m at now.I live a quiet and peaceful life and even though I’m not fully where I want to be I know I have to keep pushing forward to get to my dreams and goals even though there maybe obstacles ahead of me I have to brush the dirt off my shoulders and keep fighting until I’m there.A lot of us tend to give up because we are tired and feel like we can’t go on any further and believe me there are times when I feel like saying f it and give up but I don’t I know one day I’m going to be happy and find my inner peace I know it’s out there somewhere but it takes time and I’m going to be patient and learn to love myself more who cares what anyone thinks of me if they aren’t there to support me or encourage me they don’t belong in my life all I need is positive people and vibes I need someone that will tell me quit crying you will be fine just be patient and all will work out when you feel down when you doubt yourself just know you are special and unique and one day you will be happy again keep fighting keep pushing forward keep your head up wipe your tears smile more believe in yourself more ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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25 Jul
Dear south Firslet me say good going keep moving forward I have 2 philosophies First life is an adventure just hang on and enjoy the ride But i learned that i am happy with me. I dont have to prove anything to anyone. I have been there done that and have the tshirt. You are strong and you will wake up and the light will come on and off you go to that thing you were looking for Now i figured all this out when i turned 50 i hope you are quicker than me. You will do it
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