14 Jul
girl why u all trying to make me pay to speak to someone what if i was suicidal and u all want me to spread my money on this gilr bye
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14 Jul
Let me use this quote to explain: ❝Wisdo has chosen to stay away from trafficking in users’ data, like so many of the “free” social apps out there. Instead, we are offering a totally free, no-ad, basic experience with an opportunity to unlock all of Wisdo’s capabilities in exchange for a monthly membership. In fact, it’s our members who have asked us to pursue this route - so their privacy, safety and identity can continued to be protected. It’s a safety thing. Remember: you can always try Wisdo for 7 days without paying at all before deciding whether to introduce Wisdo into your life - to make it immeasurably better. We are here for you always,  Team Wisdo ❞
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