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4 Jul
Hi everyone, I am needing advice on a situation I am in. I have stupidly been seeing a girl who has a boyfriend and two kids to said boyfriend. I am a lesbian and she is now just realising and figuring out her sexuality. We started off as friends but things have changed and we both have feelings for each. I don’t know what to do as I have a crazy connection with her that I have never felt with anyone else but I know she won’t leave her partner as she has to think of her kids etc. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Please don’t be rude, what I’m doing is against my morals and I know it’s wrong.
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5 Jul
Hi Tayla, no judgement here. Feelings can be complicated and messy. The problem is, I've seen too many of my friends broken hearted in similar situations. A lot of them discovered more about their sexuality while married or in relationships with men. They tried to have affairs because they didn't want to affect the kids but it often led to more pain further down the line. Is there a discussion to be had about how to manage feelings, the welfare of her kids and co-parenting regardless of their relationship status? I realise how messy this can get but honesty, compassion can go a long way in difficult situations. Sending you lots of love
17 Jul
Well tell her to tell her boyfriend about you and get his opinion maybe he be ok with it if not then I believe you should move on maybe ask her if she leave her boyfriend for her if he doesn’t like it maybe she feels same way with you and if she chooses her boyfriend over you well let her go might be hard at first but I believe you find better maybe once you leave if you do she miss being with you and she leave let her know you be there waiting for her but if you find someone new then sorry you had that chance
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