2 Jul
So recently, and when i mean by recently I mean as of December I came out as being gay. I got into a relationship really quickly and then realised I still loved my ex (who is a boy) the weird thing is I broke up with this said girl and started sleeping with my ex boyfriend and then started sleeping with my ex girlfriend I love them both and believe im gay cause im not attracted to men but I love him and I love her. Is something wrong with me? I told her I was poly but I dont know if that's what I am. I also haven't told her that I started sleeping with my ex so there's that too, she doesn't need to know but I dont know how to tell her what I want when I dont really know myself. I think I just want love more then one person but I dont know is that weird?
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17 Jul
Well here’s my advice to you if you don’t want to be with your it’s ok to love him as a friendship but let him know this so your not leading him on maybe tell your gf about it the truth hurts but at least you don’t hide stuff and your truthful but we’re you together with your gf while this happened
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