27 Jul
Is blocking someone you used to talk to (and like) immature? I was considering doing it, as things did not work out, but I don’t want to seem very petty and immature by doing so. I’d just be doing it to avoid seeing their page and posts. I wouldn’t be doing it to be nasty or childish; it’s more so to just avoid any further upset by seeing their posts. Sorry if it seems like a stupid question, and I know the answer is subjective really, but I just wanted some type of reassurance because I don’t want to seem nasty or like I’m being funny.
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27 Jul
I don’t think it’s stupid at all! We have to be bully about protecting our personal space and keeping it sacred. I felt the need to address an uncomfortable connection on Facebook, but was concerned about just starting more gossip in the family if I did something as obvious as unfriend or block them. What I did instead is I was able to unfollow seeing anything about them come up. I have to choose my well-being; it Trump's everything. The alternative just isn't workable....
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