14 May
Does anyone else's kid watch Sonic.exe. it's some evil Sonic thing. I told my 4 year old he can't watch it anymore.it's now been a few days he woke up this morning hugged me kissed me and says mommy I'm gonna watch tails.exe cause I can't watch Sonic.exe. so I made it clear what he was saying. I was correct he was working his way around the rules. So I did what any good mom would do I laughed my ass off and have him a high five. Smart little shit. He's watching tails.exe now........ PARENTING FAIL .
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Tropical FishHelper
18 May
Yes he loves sonic he mainly plays the game and he watches the old school one but my thing is introducing my school things to him it’s a journey and yes they are extremely smart!! Mine is smart and very stubborn lord help me
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