11 Jun
I'll have a few good days followed by a week of bad ones. I wake up and everything hits me like a brick wall. The loneliness sets in. I keep fighting the tears. I can't let my kids see mommy cry, because mommy has to be strong. Mommy has to be happy. Mommy has to be encouraging. Mommy can't break because she holds everything together.
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25 Jul
I’m sorry you feel like this 😢 it’s so hard to keep on keeping on with the toughest 24/7 job of parenting, especially when you’re feeling low. I received some good advice the other day than took some of the weight/guilt off my shoulders - you don’t always need to be the strong one - let your kids see you cry, let them see that humans have a full range of emotions and that some of them aren’t happy. Let them give you a cuddle and comfort you. It will make them more well rounded and caring and it will allow you to fully express yourself without guilt and resentment building up. I can’t say that I’ve fully been able to do this myself as it feels unnatural and against what society tells us mums should act like, but I’m trying and it does feel better. Sending lots of love & strength to you x
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