27 Jun
Hi guys , so I’ve been healthy eating and I’ve lost 11lbs which is amazing for me , however on a Saturday I like to give myself a break from calorie restricting on a Saturday , just for a mental break and I usually eat 1750 cals a day but on a Saturday I probably eat 2800 , is this really bad and will it affect my weight loss ? At the moment o don’t see it affecting my weight loss as I’ve lost 11lbs ….however I see so many people saying “cheat” days are really bad and that I need to stick to my diet for weight loss but it’s a lifestyle change not a diet …it’s really stressing me out …I don’t know what to do for what’s best ?
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27 Jun
It all depends on you because you know your commitment and dedication you set for yourself. A cheat day is not going to hurt unless you go back to your old habits……but by now you are disciplined mentally to know what you can consume on cheat days…….congratulations mija on your accomplishment….
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