20 Apr
LETS TALK EATING- I think I have a food addiction, it’s not that I’m hungry, or anything... I just want to eat... all the time and it’s a problem. It got rly easy... I was on a 6 month medical leave that was hard and I ate a lot... ima stress eater, comfort eater. I drink tons of water, even if I’m full, it doesn’t matter... I eat.. and idk what to do anymore.... help!
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20 Apr
It’s hard when it becomes a habit. Usually out of boredom or stress The only thing that stops me from eating crap is by not having it in the house. Also, replacing things with better options I used to love a Red Bull, but it was actually more about the cold refreshing can & sweetness Now I have appetiser cans instead It’s not about stopping those cravings, that’s near impossible. It’s about replacing with better options . It’s a start When I take me kids home I used to stress eat on the drive home with a McDonald’s ! Large meal and extra burger Now, if I really am low and go to the drive through, I’ll just ask for 2 Mayo burgers, they’re 99p and healthier than a big Mac and a double cheese burger Hope this helps
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