Evergreen TreeAuthor
27 Aug 2020
Hello hope you are doing well I’m really confused about what to study at college. I love interior design and everything that has to do with color, furniture, architecture, etc... but on the other hand I love animals and I just have this intriguing feeling about becoming a wildlife filmmaker or journalist, all the people that I look forward and admire works with animals or are wildlife filmmakers, Or scientists like Jane Goodall, I find their lives so exciting and Honestly it would be my dream life. I feel that I like a lot of things and if a choose one I won’t be able to to the others if that makes sense. I feel stuck and disappointed of myself. Hope you can help me
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5 Sep 2020
Just keep chasing your dreams. Don’t settle for the cubicle box. You got this. Find something you love ❤️!
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