28 Jul
How do you let go of some1 who broke you beyond repair? As much as you love them, all you feel is resentment and hate. Its poison inside me. I want answers from them ill never get. I want revenge ill never get. I want the pain, thoughts and bad dreams to stop. How can some1 be so evil?
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28 Jul
You will always remember what happened sometime you may dwell this is part of the grieving it’s a difficult situation. During the the grieving stage I did a lot of research about narcissistic abuse, then tried to look at how this linked to my childhood and also starting counciling this is a great way to get things off your chest. X
29 Jul
What happened will always be with you forever it all depends on the actions you take now. I found that therapy helped so much and educating people on things they didn’t know. I kept it hidden for years and it didn’t help i had hate in my heart for years I told people they didn’t believe it but after many years the hate shrunk and I said to myself that even tho these people are completely messed up I’m not letting them control my life anymore I got more help and medication it takes time but with the right people you will feel a weight lifted off your chest. If you wanna chat msg me I’m always here to help
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