29 Jun
My unborn-sickly pregnancy was terminated in winter of 2018, the third birthday would have been the 4th of July had the pregnancy been healthy. The crisis chat line (whom I will be volunteering for soon!) brought me to Wisdo. Therapy, medication, a puppy and Wisdo have significantly improved my wellbeing and hardship with grief. The battle isn’t over, I am just beginning to work through shame, guilt and embarrassment. Please help me out, please tell me what has helped you or someone else through those feelings or messege me? Thank you for everything 💕 This platform saved my life, I wouldn’t be here today without having this place to wake up to knowing I am found and helping others find their way too 😭 Oy Vey… I’m tearing up lol 🫂 much love ❤️‍🩹
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29 Jun
That’s such a difficult, painful loss…. My deepest condolences. I think it’s also compounded by being the kind of loss that not everyone gets. Nor is it honored the same way other losses are. And maybe that’s something you could do. Hold a candle lit memorial service and invite those closest to you to attend. What has helped me? I’ve been through a strange week this week and I was noticing how my hand looks exactly like my moms. She’s not gone! We were such an intimate, intimate part of each other for nine months and she’s still with me. It’s been so comforting for me. And I’ve been able to see how that means my dad and my sister are still with me as well…. Let it out Mo; we can take it. Lots of gentle hugs….
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