Palm TreeAuthor
10 Jul
Here is something I’d like to share: I have great parents, they love me and I truly appreciate them. I am in my early thirties. They look for my advice on family matters (like a consigliere 😅) .. my mom is in her 60s and dad approaching 80. And I respect them very much. But sometimes I find myself struggling with life events.. can’t bother my parents about it. My wife is wonderful, but she already has her hands full with our two beautiful kids. I sometimes find myself stuck in a series of negative thinking pattern. I hope this app is a good outlet... this is my first post, so happy to help wherever I can of course.
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10 Jul
Thanks a lot for your opening post. I totally can relate to that. If you like, just gimme a text. I'll be there.
12 Jul
Take care of the caregiver - put some effort into your own self care before the health of your parents puts a bigger strain (realistically) on things so you are in better shape to deal with things.
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