Maple LeafAuthor
7 Jun
I’ve been playing off that im okay with what happened, and trying to convince myself that Im okay but Im now slowly starting to crack and today is one of those days where it feels hard to move, to breath or feel anything at all. People believe I come off bitchy but they don’t understand the pain im holding in all the time..
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10 Jun
Hello! I’m sorry to you feel that way. Ideally you would want to address some of what happened with some support so you can move forward like that, or else, it might come back at you. As it seems to be happening right now. Good to hear you are holding on strong. Were you able to talk to someone? A professional would had been even better. We will support you💫
26 Jun
I agree with Sidney you need to talk it out with someone, it does really help. Feel free to dm me if you want to chat or vent.
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