6 Jul
I was raped. It was so traumatic that my brain blocked it until recently. I never told anyone even after I got the memories back. I didn’t tell them until I couldn’t keep it inside anymore so I had to tell someone. I told my sister and her response was : “that explains a lot” Is that a normal response?
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6 Jul
I think you’re sister may have seen a shift in your personality when it happened, I think she saw a change in you and she didn’t know why so when she heard this she finally understood what had caused that shift I’m so sorry for what happened to you, youre sister loves you, she just didn’t entirely understand what you were going through and possibly didn’t know how to help and possibly still doesn’t, but her knowing makes her aware of your struggles which is very important, you should feel so proud that you were able to share it cause it’s bloody hard admitting it happened 😪
6 Jul
I agree. She noticed the shift but couldn’t make sense before, now she’s does. I’m time she will support and try to understand you better as well. She might want to let you repress yrself in your own time as well. That’s a good start. Letting it out makes it easier to overcome. It’s a process. We will support you here as well 💫
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