9 Jun
Sexual content (consensual and non) - - - - - Sooooo... My girlfriend and I have become sexual. I love her. I trust her. We have safewords and she knows when I'm starting to have an episode. I am mostly okay but when we use a certain toy, it triggers my PTSD so much. I absolutely hate it. I have to concentrate really hard to not let my mind wander back to a rape. I feel awful that this is an issue. I love her so much. I hate that this is ruining things (She doesn't say it ruins things).
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10 Jun
I believe that, once you both are able to communicate, then she is aware of what’s going on in yr mind, she will understand you. She knows that has nothing to do with you both but with yr past, so she will understand and support even more. As it happens you will give more value to that and the impact of the rape will slowly fade away for those moments. The new experience will take over. I wish you well 💫
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