Barby Ingle
Sep 4, 2017‚óŹ2 min view

Being Your Own Cheerleader

Video Transcription:
One of the things that... Just being a cheerleader, you never lose total hope. You keep cheering until the game's over, and then, when it's your own health involved, you're going to keep cheering and keep going until you die, because that's when the game's over in life. And for me, it felt that, can I overcome this? I never lost hope, but I didn't really have a plan and I wasn't really organized, and that's my personality, to be planned and organized, and live the most effective life that I can. And to have that taken away due to an illness that I didn't ask for, that was caused by, you know, something else that came into my life, it was depressing. It caused depression, it caused anxiety, because I was such a structured person and to lose that ability, to not know, how long can I go to this event? How long can I do this? How long can I do that? You know, when am I going to eat next? Because I couldn't even prepare my own food. My husband would have to prepare it and put it in the Tupperware. We had to learn that balance, so it really does affect you emotionally. It affected me with anxiety of just being able to live the life that I had and knowing what I lost.