Can't You See My Invisible Pain?

Video Transcription:
I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It started in my face, neck and shoulder, and it jumped to my foot. And he came home from work and I was like, "I got a splinter in my foot, it's burning. Something's wrong with my foot." And I made him get a magnifying glass and search my foot to find something wrong with it, with a magnifying glass, to..."You have to find something because, if you don't find something that means that my disease is spreading which is a really, really bad thing. And so I just begged him to find something, and he never found anything because, obviously it was just my disease spreading and getting worse. But I know exactly when someone says, "Can't you see my invisible pain?" I can see it. I can see skin color changes in people. Or I see, like my right eye droops more than my left eye. The worse my pain gets, the more my eye droops. Things like that, I had to teach my husband how to spot those things so that he knows, "Oh, Barby's not just being cranky, Barby actually doesn't feel good", and he can tell now by, like if my skin starts getting really red, or my eye starts drooping more, he can start to see those invisible things that the average person doesn't even know to look for.