Welcome to Wisdo, an online service that offers crowdsourced insights and guidance on life challenges (the "Content" and the "Service"), owned and operated by Wisdo Ltd. ("we","our", "us"). The Content may be provided in text, audio or visual form. Access to the Service is available through our designated mobile application for smartphones (the "App"). The Service also enables you to engage with other users and purchase their mentoring services through the App.

Please carefully read the following Terms of Use (the "Terms"). By using, accessing or registering with the Service, you agree to be bound by the Terms. If you do not agree to the Terms, you may not use the Service.


The Service is provided for informational purposes only. It is not, and is not intended as, a substitute for qualified professional advice, guidance, counseling, rehabilitation or treatment. Always seek the advice of a qualified health care professional for medical or health related issues.


The Service is not intended as, and does not provide, any investment or financial advice whatsoever. The Service is neither a licensed financial advisor nor a licensed investment advisor. With respect to any financial or investment decisions, it is strongly recommended that you conduct you own research and due diligence investigation, to properly evaluate the benefits and risks of any investment or financial transaction. It is also strongly recommended that you seek the advice and guidance of qualified accountants, financial advisors, tax advisors and investment advisors, in connection with any investment or financial transaction.


You may only use the Service if you are an individual over the age of 17. By using, accessing or registering with the Service, you declare that you are at least 17 years of age. We may terminate your account if we find that you are younger than the minimum age specified above. We may at any time request additional information to confirm your age.

Third Party Platforms

Use of the Service may involve the use of third party services and platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google etc. (“Third Party Platforms”). For example, you may “share” content through Third Party Platforms. Use of Third Party Platforms is governed by their respective terms of service, not by these Terms. You bear the sole and exclusive responsibility for complying with those other terms of service.

Registration And User Account

You may search and read limited Content as an unregistered user (“Guest”) or gain full access to our Service as a registered user (“Registered User”).

To become a Registered User you will need to sign up. You may sign up through your Facebook or Google account login, or by creating an account on the Service. We will explicitly indicate the fields for mandatory completion. If you do not enter the requisite data in these fields, you will not be able to register with the Service.

As a Registered User, when you submit Content such as ‘insights’, you can choose to post them anonymously, or to associate them with your name and other data that you selected on your Registered User’s profile.

You are solely responsible for all acts or omissions associated with your access and use of the Service or your User account. Registered Users are prohibited from selling or transferring their User account information or making it available to anyone else.

We reserve the right to request additional information to verify your identity. If you fail to provide us the requested information, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your User account, pursuant to these Terms.

False information. If we believe that the Information you provide is false, deceptive or offensive, we reserve the right to suspend or terminate your user account or your access to the service.

Additional Information. We reserve the right to request additional information to verify your identity, during the registration process, throughout your use of the Service.

Content And Dealings

Content presented through the Service, including the timelines and their milestones, the steps and the insights, the description attributed to the author of an insight, the comments to insights and the content of your online discussions or chats with other Registered Users, are all provided for informational purposes only. Such Content may originate from us, you, other users or third parties, as well as from collaborative editing.

Registered Users may post Content on or through the Service and interact with other Users in different ways, as further described within the relevant sections of the Service. As a Registered User you can engage with other Users by following their activities, commenting on, or sharing their Content. You will be presented with the activities and Content of Users you follow as well as other Content we believe you may be interested in according to your account preferences.

Our messaging feature allows you to chat with other Registered Users, either privately or in a group. Likewise, other Users can communicate with you. If you do not want a certain User to send you messages, you may block that user via the Service.

At any time, you may change your personal preferences and the way you use the Service, by using the tools provided therein and on your personal account, as may be available from time to time.

The inclusion of any Content on or through the Service does not constitute our endorsement, sponsorship, recommendation or encouragement to suggest, or comply with any advice, engage in any interaction, activity, transaction or dealings with any third party, or an authorization or representation of our affiliation with any third party.

Any and all communications and interactions between you and third parties, including Mentors, and all consequences resulting from the above, are strictly between you and such third party. We are not liable for it. Other than facilitating the interaction for Mentors, we are not actively involved in those communications, interactions, dealings, engagements and transactions.


  • You are the rightful owner of all rights to such Content, or are lawfully licensed by all the rightful owners to submit to, and post such Content on, the Service;
  • You are lawfully entitled to grant us the rights and licenses in and to such Content, as contemplated by these terms;
  • You lawfully obtained the consent of all individuals depicted, shown or referred to in the Content, to include them in the Content and to use that Content for the purposes and in the manner contemplated by these Terms. With respect to minors depicted, shown or referred to in the Content, you lawfully obtained the consent of their parents or legal guardians, as well as such minors’ approval;
  • Creating the Content, submitting it to and posting it on the Service, does not infringe any rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, privacy rights and publicity rights.

Subject to our Privacy Policy, (and except as provided in the following paragraph) by submitting or posting Content to or on the Service, you grant us a perpetual, royalty-free, free-of-charge, worldwide, non-exclusive, sub-licensable and transferrable license, to use such Content commercially. This includes, among others, copying, distributing, posting and making derivative works of the Content, for our publicly posting and utilizing such Content for business purposes, on any platform, including in connection with commercial ads or promotions, in original, derived, or modified form (the “License”). You further waive all moral rights and rights of attribution with respect to your Content. We may, at any time, in our sole discretion and without prior notice to you, remove, edit, modify, or reclassify any Content you submitted to the Service, without any liability to you.

Your individual contributions to a timeline on the Service are integrated with the timeline contributions by other users and by our innovative timeline algorithm. These sources together create an aggregated and crowdsourced timeline (”Aggregated Timeline”), and as a result, your timeline contributions become an inseparable and indivisible part of the Aggregate Timeline. In these circumstances, splintering the ownership of the Aggregated Timeline into numerous users is impractical. Greater benefits arise in having the timeline centrally managed by Wisdo, rather than snippets scattered across numerous users.

With that in mind, we will fully and exclusively own all intellectual property rights in and to all Aggregated Timelines, including their steps and phases. You irrevocably assign to us all intellectual property rights you may have in and to all Aggregated Timelines. You further waive all moral rights and rights of attribution with respect to your contribution to any Aggregated Timeline.

Mentoring Services

Registered Users may also engage with other users in order to seek their mentoring services, as further described within the relevant sections of the Service (“Mentoring Services” and “Mentors”).

We encourage you to treat any Content posted on or through the Service and the Mentoring Services with caution and discretion. We are not responsible, do not guarantee and make no representation or judgment as to the Content and Mentoring, such as to the safety or effectiveness of following the advice or recommendations included in the Content or the Mentoring Services, or the Content’s or Mentoring Services’ accuracy, helpfulness (or rated helpfulness), adequacy to your age or needs, legality, appropriateness, authenticity, validity, truthfulness, morality, uses that third parties may make, or as to any offerings, dealings, transactions or interactions made by or between you and third parties in connection with the Content or the Service.

The relevant Mentor is solely responsible for the accuracy, adequacy, completeness, credibility, authenticity, validity, integrity or legality the Mentoring Services and the services they offer. We are not liable for it.

Fee-Based Services

Fee-Based Services

When you download the App and register to Wisdo, you receive a basic version of the App which you may use free of charge. However, gaining full access to all of Wisdo’s communities and other features, are subject to fees at the rates and schemes as posted on the relevant pages of the Service ("Fee-Based Services"). Fee-Based Services can only be paid through the payment methods we establish from time to time. At this time, payment for Fee-Based Services are charged and collected through in-app purchase by Apple or Google (“In-App Payment Methods”). We are not responsible for the terms, rules and practices of these Third Party Payment Methods. They are subject to their own terms, which you should carefully read. We may also, at any time and in our sole discretion, change a free-of-charge feature to a fee-based feature, in which case we will inform you about it.

Fees for Mentoring Services

Mentoring Services are subject to fees at the rates and schemes as posted on the relevant page before you book a Mentor session ("Mentor Fees"). Mentor Fees can only be paid through the payment methods we establish from time to time. At this time, payment for Mentor Fees are charged and collected through a third party payment processing service (“Third Party Payment Methods”). We are not responsible for the terms, rules and practices of these Third Party Payment Methods. They are subject to their own terms, which you should carefully read. We may also, at any time and in our sole discretion, change a free-of-charge feature to a fee-based feature, in which case we will inform you about it.

Currency and Rates

Fee-Based Services and Mentor Fees are charged through the In-App Payment Methods and Third Party Payment Methods in the currency determined by them. In accordance with the rules of these In-App Payment Methods and Third Party Payment Methods, you may be able to pay through a different currency, at your choice.

Refund and Cancellation for Fee Based Services

Refunds and cancellations made for purchases via AppStore will be made in accordance with the terms of the AppStore, the govern refunds and cancellations.
Otherwise, such as if you purchased Fee-Based Services through Google Play, the following rules apply:

  • You may cancel your subscription within the initial 14 days of your very first purchase of any of our subscriptions (“Early Cancellation”), by sending us a cancellation notice by email to info@wisdo.com.
    Note that if you have downloaded the Wisdo App through Google Play, and you wish to receive a refund within the 48 hours of your very first purchase of the subscription, within the Early Cancellation period – you may also request it in accordance with Google’s conditions and instructions. If you wish to cancel the subscription after 48 hours, i.e. between days 3 and 14 of the Early Cancellation period – then you must send us the cancellation notice by email.
  • In a case of Early Cancellation: (a) we will cease to provide you the Fee-Based Services; (b) within 14 days from the day we receive your Early Cancellation notice, we will refund you for the portion of the fees you paid relative to with the remainder of the subscription term that you have cancelled, minus a cancellation charge of 5% of the fees you paid; and (c) any future payments due for the Fee-Based Services will be cancelled.
  • If you wish to cancel your subscription after the initial 14 days of your purchase of the subscription (or if you are already used up one instance of your right to Early Cancellation, have returned to make another purchase for Fee-Based Services at Wisdo, and wish to cancel that other purchase), then please send us a cancellation notice by email to info@wisdo.com. Your subscription will only be cancelled at the end of the ordinary subscription cycle for which you paid, will not be renewed to the next subscription cycle and you will not be entitled to any refund.

Other than in the above instances, you are solely responsible for paying all applicable fees for the Fee-Based Services that you purchased, whether or not you actually attend, enjoyed or otherwise benefited from them.

Refund and Cancellation for Mentor Fees

You may cancel the Mentor session you booked by sending us a cancellation notice by email to info@wisdo.com not later than one business day, and in any event at least 24 hours, before the booked session is to be provided by the Mentor.
If you cancel your Mentor session in accordance with the above rules, we will refund the Mentor Fees and cancel your Mentor Fees charge, minus a cancellation charge of 5% of the payment you paid. We will provide you with a copy of the cancellation notice.
Other than in the above instances, you are solely responsible for paying all applicable fees for the Mentor Fees that you purchased, whether or not you actually attend, enjoyed or otherwise benefited from the Mentor Session.


Wisdo grants Mentors a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable license to use the Service in order to provide their Mentoring Services, subject to these Terms, and the following conditions:

  • Mentors may only use the Service lawfully. Mentors’ use of the Service must comply with the laws and regulations that apply to the mentor, the mentor use of the Service, and the provided Mentoring Services.
  • Share of Revenues. All revenues actually collected and received from Mentor Fees, minus any applicable taxes and refunds given to Registered User, will be shared between Wisdo and the Mentor who provides the Mentor session for which the Mentor Fees are paid by the Registered User. The revenue share ratio is per the information and schemes presented on the Service’s relevant pages during the Mentor registration process, or, if no such information is provided, then the revenue share will be split equally between the Mentor and Wisdo.
  • Wisdo is solely responsible to collect the revenue received for the Mentoring Services from Registered Users. Approximately once every two weeks, around the 1st and 15th of the month, Wisdo will remit the Mentor’s share (as specified above) for the preceding two week period, to the Mentor, accompanied with a valid written accounting for Mentor Fees collected for that period.
  • Taxes and Additional Fees. The Mentor is solely responsible for reporting income to the relevant taxation authorities, and paying all taxes applicable to the payout, as required by the applicable tax laws. If we request from a Mentor, he or she will promptly complete and submit to us all tax forms, tax certificates or tax authorizations we deem necessary, under the applicable tax laws.
  • Using of our Intellectual Properties. Your use of our Intellectual Properties and Trademarks, including the “Wisdo” trademark must comply with Intellectual Property laws and these Terms. You may not use our Intellectual Properties, including our trademarks, designs, logos and graphics in a way that infringes on Wisdo’s Intellectual Property rights or in a way that is incompatible with these Terms.
  • Using Wisdo’s Facilities. Mentors may only use the Services accordingly with the Terms. You may not use Wisdo’s facilities, including the Wisdo platform, website, App and Service in a manner that violates these Terms, and specifically in a way that is incompatible with the “USE OF THE SERVICE AND RESTRICTIONS” chapter below.
  • Mentors’ Obligations and Responsibilities. As a Mentor, you have greater responsibilities than those that apply to regular Wisdo users. While providing your Mentoring Services, you are required to act responsibly, cautiously and keep trust and safety in the Service. All technical and practical obligations that are related to the factual Mentoring Services are described on the relevant information pages on the App.
  • Confidentiality. As a Mentor, it is your responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of your conversations with Registered Users and the content they share with you. You must not disclose any such content, the name of the User seeking your advice or any information that may identify such user to any third party without the user’s explicit written consent, unless you are required to do so by applicable law.
    You hereby consent to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Wisdo and its directors, officers, employees, and subcontractors, upon Wisdo’s request and at your expense, from, and against, any damages, loss, costs, expenses and payments, including reasonable attorney’s fees and legal expenses, arising from any third-party complaint, claim, plea, or demand in connection with your breach of your confidentiality duty or any other obligation you undertake under these Terms.
  • Termination. You may decide to terminate your account on the Service at any time, provided that you will pay any outstanding fees due to us. It is also possible that your account will be terminated by Wisdo. We are entitled to do so without a prior notice to you, for example if we find that you violated the Terms or used the Service unlawfully. If your account has been terminated by us, then you must cease any further use of our properties in connection with your personal Mentoring Services, including ceasing using our Service, or any of our Intellectual Properties and trademarks. Note that, unless Content generated by you does not violate these Terms, the termination of your account on Wisdo will not affect the availability of your previously generated Content. However, upon the termination of your account on Wisdo, you might lose information associated with your account including your Content.

Failing to Pay

Failing to settle your payments due for Fee-Based Services will entitle us to terminate these terms or block your access to the App, without regard to any other remedies available to us under applicable law.

Use Of The Service And Restrictions

Subject to these Terms, you may use the Service, exclusively for your private and personal purposes. While using the Service, including engaging in Mentoring Services, you must refrain from:

  • Breaching the Terms or any other applicable rules and instructions that we may convey with respect to the use of the Service;
  • Engaging in any activity that constitutes or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable law, including laws governing privacy, defamation, spam and copyright;
  • Interfering with, burdening or disrupting the functionality of the Service;
  • Breaching the security of the Service or identifying any security vulnerabilities in it;
  • Circumventing or manipulating the operation or functionality of the Service, or attempting to enable features or functionalities that are otherwise disabled, inaccessible or undocumented in the Service;
  • Using or launching any automated system, including without limitation robots, crawlers and similar applications to collect and compile content from the Service;
  • Displaying the Service or any part thereof in an exposed or concealed frame, or linking to elements or portions of the Service, independently from the manner on which they originally appear or are made available through the Service;
  • Impersonating any person or entity, or making any false statement pertaining to your identity, employment, agency or affiliation with any person or entity;
  • Collecting, harvesting, obtaining or processing personal information of or about other users of the Service.

Without derogating from any of the above, you may not post, disseminate, transmit or otherwise communicate through the Service any Content which:

  • May infringe rights of others, including a person's right to privacy or right of publicity, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks;
  • May depict or identify minors, their personal details, their address or ways to contact them, without their legal guardian’s explicit consent, as well as such minors’ approval, when practically possible;
  • May include software viruses, spyware or any other malicious applications;
  • May encourage, support, assist, or advise in the commission of a criminal offense or carry an elevated risk of psychological or physiological stress or injury or damage to property;
  • May, through posting, publication, dissemination, or making available to the public, be prohibited by any applicable law, including court orders;
  • May be threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, violent, obscene or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable (with the understanding that reasonable use of relevant medical content is acceptable); and
  • May include unsolicited commercial communications ('spam'), chain letters, or pyramid schemes.


We respect your privacy. Our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these Terms by reference, explains the privacy practices on the Service.


The Service may contain links to content published on other websites or external sources, provided by third parties. We do not operate or monitor these websites and content. You may find them or the information and content posted therein not compatible with your requirements, or you may object to their content, or find such content to be annoying, improper, unlawful or immoral. By linking to a certain website, we do not endorse, or sponsor its content, or confirm its accuracy, credibility, authenticity, reliability, validity, integrity, or legality. We assume no responsibility or liability for such third party websites or content, or their availability.

Intellectual Property

We and our licensors own all rights, title and interest in and to the Service, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade names, service marks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights, and any goodwill associated therewith. This includes, but is not limited to, the artistic and graphical design of the Service and the artistic and graphical design of the timelines.

Other than as expressly permitted in the Terms and offered by the Service’s functionality, you may not copy, distribute, display or perform publicly, sublicense, decompile, disassemble, reduce to human readable form, execute publicly, make available to the public, adapt, make commercial use of, process, compile, translate, sell, lend, rent, reverse engineer, combine with other software, modify or create derivative works of the Service, any part thereof or any of the Content on or of the Service (except for your own Content that you yourself created), either by yourself or by a third party on your behalf, in any way or by any means, including, but not limited to electronic, mechanical or optical means.

You may not adapt or otherwise use, including in any Internet domain name, any name, mark or logo that is similar to our marks and logos. You must refrain from any action or omission which may dilute, or tarnish our goodwill.

Requests To Remove Content From The Service

You may only edit or remove Content you posted in accordance with our Content-posting procedures for the Service. We may, at any time, and without prior notice, modify such procedures. Any requests to remove Content from the Service that purportedly infringe or violate copyrights, must be made in accordance with our Content Takedown Policy, which is incorporated in these Terms by reference. Requests you submit to remove Content from the Service will be evaluated, among other things, in light of the privacy-related consents you have given through our Privacy Policy.

Changes And Availability; Discontinuation

From time to time, we may change the Service's structure, layout, design or display, as well as the scope and availability of the information and content therein, or the access thereto, without prior notice. Changes of this type by their very nature may result in glitches or cause inconvenience of some kind. You will have no plea, claim or demand whatsoever against us or our directors, officers, employees, agents, advisors, mentors, subcontractors and assignees (collectively, our “Staff”), resulting from such changes, from glitches or any kind of failure resulting from their introduction.
The availability, quality and functionality of the Service depend on various factors, including software, hardware and communication networks, which are provided by third parties, at their responsibility. These factors are not fault-free.
You acknowledge that the Service DOES NOT provide any data back-up services, including with respect to any Content or any other data that you upload or use.
We may, at any time, at our sole discretion, change, discontinue or suspend the operation of the Service, or any part thereof, temporarily or permanently, for all users, or for certain users, without any liability to you. We are not obligated to give any notice prior to such change, discontinuation or suspension.

Changes To The Terms

We may revise these Terms, in whole, or in part, at any time to time. In such case, we will notify you. Your continued use of the Service after the effective date of the amended Terms constitutes your consent to the amended Terms. In case of legal requirement, we may also introduce immediate changes to these Terms. The latest version of the Terms will be accessible through the Service.
In any event, if you do not consent to the amended Terms, you must discontinue your use of the Service.

Disclaimer Of Warranty

The service is provided for use “as is” and “with all faults”. We and our staff disclaim all warranties and representations, either express or implied, with respect to the service, the content, the Mentoring Services or any services offered through it, your user account, any interaction related to the service, any communication made by the service and third party platforms, as well as for any third party software or hardware, including any warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, safety, effectiveness, quality, reliability, non-infringement, title, compatibility, performance, availability, security or accuracy.

Limitation Of Liability

Wisdo and its staff shall, to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, not be liable for any indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, statutory, incidental or consequential damage, or any similar damage or loss (including loss of profit and loss of data), costs, expenses and payments, either in tort (including negligence), contract, or in any other form or theory of liability, arising from, or in connection with the service, the content, the Mentoring Services, and services offered through it, the use of, or the inability to use the service, or your user account, or any communication or interactions with the service, other users or in connection with third party platforms, or any communications, interactions, dealings, engagements and transactions with others on or through the service, or from any failure, error, or breakdown in the function of the service, or from any fault, or error made by our staff, or from your reliance on content available on the service, or any denial of your access to the service, or retention, deletion, disclosure and any other use or loss of content on the service or our systems, or from any reliance made by you on third party software or hardware. To the greatest extent permissible under law, the total aggregate liability of wisdo and its staff for any damages either in tort (including negligence), contract, or in any other form or theory of liability, arising from, or in connection with the service, the content, the Mentoring Services, and services offered through it, shall be capped at the total fees you have paid (if any) wisdo in the twelve months preceding the event purportedly giving rise to the damage. The above liability cap will not apply where prohibited by law, such as liability for bodily injury arising from wisdo’s negligence, or liability arising from wisdo’s willful misconduct or fraud.

You acknowledge and agree that the use of the service is entirely, or to the maximum extent permitted by the applicable law, at your own sole responsibility.

You are solely responsible for Content you provide and communicate through the Service, and for all consequences associated with it, as well as for any communications you make with other users of the Service.

You will indemnify and hold us harmless, to the maximum extent permitted by law and promptly upon our notice, from and against all damages, losses, and expenses of any kind (including reasonable legal fees and costs), related to any allegation or claim brought against us related to your actions, communications, Content, Mentoring Services or information submitted to or made through the Service.

Termination And Suspension

Termination of these Terms.

You may, at any time, terminate your adherence with these Terms by providing us with written notice of termination, and your concurrent termination as a User of the Service. Termination by Us. In addition to any remedies that may be available to us under any applicable law, we may terminate these Terms and your right to use the Service at any time, in our sole discretion and without prior notice by issuing you a notice of such termination, blocking your access to and use of the Service, or in any other manner contemplated by these Terms. Upon termination by us or by you, you must discontinue any and all use of the Service. Termination of these Terms will not preclude our continued use of Content you have provided to us with the License thereto, and any information we have obtained while you used our Service prior to termination. In any event, our continued use of such materials and information will be in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Consequences of Termination.

See our Privacy Policy for details regarding retention and deletion of your personal information. The following sections shall survive any termination, or expiration of the Terms: The Content, Privacy, Intellectual property, Limitation of Liability, Consequences of Termination, Governing Law & Jurisdiction, General.

Governing Law & Jurisdiction

Regardless of your place of residence or where you access or use the Service from, these Terms and your use of the Service will be exclusively governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel, excluding any otherwise applicable rules of conflict of laws, which would result in the application of the laws of a jurisdiction other than the State of Israel.
The competent courts located in the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa district will have exclusive and sole jurisdiction over any dispute, claim or controversy arising from, or in connection with, the Service and its use, and with respect to any matter relating to the validity, applicability, performance or interpretation of these Terms. You and us, each, hereby expressly consent to personal jurisdiction in Israel and expressly waive any right to object to such personal jurisdiction or the non-convenience of such forum.
Notwithstanding the foregoing, we may lodge a claim against you pursuant to the “ LIMITATION OF LIABILITY” clause above, in any court adjudicating a third party claim against us.

Ad Policy

Sometimes, Wisdo will feature endorsed, sponsored, or promoted content. This could include posts where:

  • A third party (person, organization or company) has arranged directly with us to feature their brand, message, or product in our content.
  • The post includes a message that appears to reflect the opinions, beliefs, or experiences of that sponsor or content creator.

We will always be 100% transparent with these posts. They will be clearly labeled as sponsored or promoted, so you will know every single time this type of content appears.
Full transparency is the right thing to do – and we have a legal obligation not to mislead our members, which we take extremely seriously. We comply with all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes.
Wisdo also requires anyone who creates sponsored content for us to respect the following principles and guidelines (in addition to meeting all relevant legal requirements):

  • The “truth-in-advertising principle”. Endorsed content will always be honest and not misleading. Sponsored or endorsed posts should reflect the honest opinion of the content creator and will not be used to make any illegal claims.
  • Disclosure. There may be times where a content creator and the marketers of a product or service may have a personal or business relationship. For example, if the content creator was paid or given a gift to create the post, we will tell you so.
  • Clarity. We won’t hide or bury any disclosures. You’ll see them in clear, unambiguous language that’s prominently placed and easy to understand.

These disclosures will be:

  • Close to any claims or endorsed content.
  • Written in an easy-to-read font.
  • In a shade that stands out against the background.
  • For video content, on the screen long enough to be noticed, read, and understood.
  • For audio content, read at a pace that is easy for users to follow and in words that ordinary users will understand.

If you need further information, please read the FAQs on online disclosures, issued by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). You can also send us questions anytime at wearewisdo@wisdo.com


Whenever used in these Terms, the term "Including", whether capitalized or not, means without limitation to the preceding phrase. All examples and e.g. notations are illustrative, not exhaustive.
These Terms constitute the entire agreement between you and us concerning the subject matter herein, and supersede all prior and contemporaneous negotiations and oral representations, agreements and statements.
These Terms may only be modified by written amendment duly executed by us, in accordance to the “CHANGES TO THE TERMS” clause above. No waiver, concession, extension, representation, alteration, addition or derogation from the Terms by us, or pursuant to the Terms, will be effective unless consented to explicitly and executed in writing by our authorized representative.
Failure on our part to demand performance of any provision in the Terms shall not constitute a waiver of any of our rights under the Terms.
You may not assign or transfer your rights and obligations under the Terms without our prior written consent, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. Any attempted or actual assignment by you, without our prior consent, shall be null and void. Notwithstanding the provisions of the Israel Assignment of Obligations Law-1969, we may assign these Terms in their entirety, including all right, duties, liabilities and obligations therein, upon notice to you and without obtaining your further specific consent, to a third-party, upon a merger, acquisition, change of control or the sale of all or substantially all of our equity or assets, whereby virtue of such assignment, the assignee assumes in our stead, all right, duties, liabilities and obligations hereunder.
The section headings in the Terms are included for convenience only and shall take no part in the interpretation or construing of the Terms.
If any provision of the Terms is held to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable by a competent court, then the provision shall be performed and enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law to reflect as closely as possible, the original intention of that provision, and the remaining provisions of the Terms shall continue to remain in full force and effect.

Contact us

You may contact us with any question that you may have with respect to the Service, at: info@wisdo.com